The Different Types of Public Restrooms

October 1, 2009  Tagged

For those who have ever traveled extensively, you may have noticed that there are many types of public restrooms. For instance, many public restrooms in remote areas or parks may use waterless toilets or vault toilets. These are simply restrooms that resemble an outhouse seat. The waste is held in a vault under the ground until it needs to be emptied. Other restrooms may be fully equipped with everything but the kitchen sink. Restrooms in high traffic areas and those located close to major cities typically have modern toilets and sinks with hand dryers and the other necessities that you may need in a restroom.garrison-creek-public-restrooms new

There are many public restrooms all over the world and it is likely safe to say that not one of them is just alike. If you have ever visited just a handful of public restrooms then you know this to be true. Restroom designs can often be customized so that the property or business owner can have the restroom that he or she believes will provide the best facility for visitors.

Of course, the main difference in all the public restrooms across the nation would be the use of waterless toilets versus traditional commodes. Similarities are also noticeable in many public restrooms. All public restrooms today must meet the guidelines enforced by the American Disabilities Act or ADA. These guidelines ensure that handicapped individuals have easy access to public restroom facilities. Larger stalls, typically at the back of the restroom, with hand rains and tissue holders that are lower on the wall are typical of restrooms that meet the ADA requirements.

With the many different types of restroom facilities in the nation, it may be impossible to see them all. If you have ever traveled across the country you may have spotted a few restrooms that simply looked like nothing you have ever seen. Of course, as long as the restroom is operable, most people are simply just glad to have found it.

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